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The museum

The museum will tell the story of a young boy from a small village north of the arctic circle who, despite of his lack in academic achievement, became one of Norway’s greatest industrial pioneers. The Tandberg company became internationally renowned for excellence in quality and design. He was also a pioneer for the welfare of his employees.

You will be able to visit this museum both physically and digitally.

Barn som jobber med elektronikk

The Technology Center

The Technology Center will contribute to creating a fertile base where fresh talents will want to do sometning similar and or qualify for working in technology by learning about, experimenting with, and trying out

  • Maths and science
  • Sound
  • Lighting and image
  • Electronics
  • Communication and network
  • Our digital world
  • How to become an entrepreneur

The meeting place

We aim to create a venue for youngsters, particularly those who don’t participate in sports or other organized activities. This will be a contribution to hindering alienation.

  • A physical meeting place
  • A digital meeting pace
  • A permanent LAN?
Foto av gammel papirmappe med merkelapp som sier Status

The current situation

Some of our current positive collaborative partners:

  • The Norwegian Foreign Ministry, Section for High North etc.
  • Bodø City Council, culture and education departments
  • Nordland County Council
  • Nord University
  • Nordland Museum
  • Bodin High School
  • First Scandinavia
  • Makerspace Bodø
  • Tekna Bodø
  • Bodø Business Forum
  • BRUS
  • Nordvik-gruppen
  • PowerOffice
  • Braathe-gruppen
  • Stadssalg AS

Preliminary project finished

Final report sent to The Norwegian Foreign Ministry

Businessplan prepared

Pilot project planned

Funding applications sent


Foto av to hender som legger sammen to puslespill biter

The way forward - milestones

  • Reconsider the pilot project or planning a step-by-step startup - Spring 24
  • New funding application to Nordland County Counsil - Spring 24
  • Detailed planning of the main project - Autumn 24
  • Enter into agreements with collaboration partners - Autumn 24
  • Obtain offers for services and equipment - Autumn 24
  • Prapare the "final" business plan - Spring 25
  • Startup of the pilot project or the step-by-step startup - Spring 25
  • New funding application to Bodø City Counsil - Spring 25
  • Enter agreements with more collaboration partners - Autumn 25
  • Funding application to The Ministry of Culture and Equality - Autumn 25
  • Funding application to the Ministry of Education and Research - Autumn 25
  • Obtain investor capital - Autumn 25
En person i dress som strekker ut hånden

Will you join us on the journey?

  • Is the project interesting to you?
  • Will you work together with us to realize it?
  • How could we collaborate?

The project owner

The project is owned by Tandberg Center AS, where the Tandbergerne Society is the sole shareholder. The members of the board in Tandberg Center AS are:

  • Per Roos Dalen - chairman
  • Rune Bjarghov - deputy chairman
  • Aurora Dyrnes
  • Knut Ola Myrvang

Contact details

Per Roos Dalen
Project manager

Telephone: +47 992 74245
Email address:

Mail adress:
P.O. box 490, 8001 Bodø

Office adress:
Dreyfushammarn 11, 3. floor block B, 8012 Bodø

Gutta på Hålogatun

The Tandbergerne society

The society was established 16.03.2010. The society aims are to tell and preserve the story of Vebjørn Tandberg and his life time achievement, an important part of the history of Bodø, through the collection of Tandberg products and written documentation.

The present board of the society are:

  • Per Roos Dalen, chairman
  • Andreas Whist Huge, deputy chairman
  • Rune Bjarghov 
  • Ole Magne Kristiansen
  • Erik Lekang
  • Bjarne Flæsen, deputy member
Noen radioer

The product collection

The collection comprises of, amongst other things, almost all the products from Tandberg Radio Factory from 1933 to 1978.

It contains:

  • Radios
  • Televisions
  • Tape Recorders
  • Loud speakers
  • Cabinets
  • Language labs
  • Video conference systems

The collection is presently located on the first floor of Hålogatun, which Bodø City Council has kindly made available to the Tandbergernes Society.

The product collection can be viewed by arrangement with Jan Kristoffer Blix Simonsen tel. +47 948 35507


Previous exhibitions

Our permanent exhibition and archive is at Hålogatun. Parts of the collection has also been exhibited:

  • At the City Museum in 2014 (50 years after television arrived in Bodø)
  • At Stormen library 2016 (the 200 years anniversary of Bodø)
  • Permanent exhibition at Sølvsuper Health Center 

In 2017 we have contributed to the Radio Theatre and Broadcasting Orchester production of «The Sound of Tandberg» at Stormen Concert Hall during Nordland Music Festival

Vebjørn Tandberg

  • Born 16th of September 1904 in Bodø
  • Build his first radio in his bedroom
  • Qualified as a civil engineer at the Norwegian Institute of Technology Trondheim
  • Founder of Tandberg radio factory in Oslo 1933
  • Pioneered welfare for his employees
  • Died 30th of August 1978 in Oslo
  • Buried at Bodø Cemetery

Tandberg Radio Factory

  • 1933- started in Kongensgate Oslo with 3 employees (40kvm)
  • 1937- moved to Mollergata Oslo (2000kvm)
  • 1951- a new factory at Kjelsas(9600 kvm)
  • 1958- additional building Kjelsas (6000 kvm)
  • 1966- new factory at Kjeller
  • 1972- merging with Radionette
  • 1974- new factory in Skullerud and Haddington in Scotland
  • 1976- 7 factories in all, approximately 3100 employees
  • 1978- bankruptcy